Yes, you read that right. Madrid-based DJ, producer and photographer Miqui Brightside is today presenting the visuals for his new single "Kelly Kapoor" and it was inspired by Mindy Kaling's drama-loving queen of the meet-cute from the US version of The Office

Joined by vocalist Kenjamin Franklin, together the pair pledge their love for the character against a club-ready concoction of twinkling arpeggios and snappy, crackling beats. It's not just a love letter to a fictional person, as Miqui explains below, "Kelly Kapoor" is a much more personal, autobiographical track that dips into Miqui's childhood and all the things that brought him joy in his youth.

Speaking with Complex via email, Miqui told us: "With 'Kelly Kapoor' I decided to keep the DIY video format. I've decided to come back to my roots and share my life, from the years I was going to school to my passion for sitcoms and board games. And trust me, not all videos talk about real first kisses, but this one does."