PnB Rock was involved in a massive car wreck in California, TMZ reports

Law enforcement insiders tell TMZ that PnB Rock was arrested following a car accident in Burbank last weekend. Eyewitnesses told authorities that PnB's white BMW sedan was racing a blue and silver Rolls Royce Wraith resulting in the crash. 

The race didn't last long because Rock's BMW smashed into 3 parked cars before flipping on its side, totaling the car in the process. Still, speeds were reportedly able to reach near 100 miles per hour. It's unclear if Rock was hurt during the crash, but there was an unidentified woman in the car that was able to escape with minor injuries. 

Rock allegedly smelled like marijuana when police arrived on the scene and authorities found the substance on him. Because the crash happened in California, Rock wasn't hit with a possession charge. But driving while high led police to charge him with driving while under the influence. The rapper was also booked on a reckless driving charge. He was later released after posting a $100,000 bail.

Rock's opponent in the race has not been identified as the driver was able to get away before the police arrived.