On what would've been his 28th birthday, Mac Miller's brother, Miller McCormick, took to Instagram where he celebrated Mac Miller's life.

McCormick begins by recounting the first time he met his brother.

"Sitting by the window in the hospital after your birth is a good first memory. mom’s nurse brought mint jelly. man i’m so proud of you. and i miss you," he wrote.

"I’m mad that we won’t be sitting on a porch talking about baldness. and babies," Miller continued. "Maybe there’s a version of that still. hard to let go. wish you were really here. bet they throw a good party. you’re the best, hope you know it. funny, kind, messy. old tender wisdom. love you, love you. big smelly bear hug."

Mac Miller's posthumous album, Circleswas released two days before his birthday. It's the first project released by Miller's estate since he passed died of an overdose in September 2018. 

"At the time of his passing, Malcolm was well into the process of recording his companion album to Swimming entitled Circles. Two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle. Swimming in Circles was the concept. He had been working with Jon Brion, who after hearing some early versions of songs, cleared his calendar to help Malcolm fine-tune them," a statement released by Miller's family regarding the album reads. "We miss him. We are left to imagine where Malcolm was going and to appreciate where he was. We hope you take the time to listen. The look on his face when everyone was listening said it all."

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