Cereal is something you can't possibly mess up. Or, at least, you shouldn't be able to mess up. It's quite simple—you combine cereal and milk in a bowl, and that's it. If that's too difficult to understand, cereal boxes typically have an image on the front that shows you what the end product should look like. 

With that being said, can someone explain why KISS frontman Gene Simmons is messing with a tried-and-true method by adding ice cubes to his cereal? 

Let's try to ignore that he's also mixed together what appears to be Frosted Mini Wheats and Oreo O's to discuss this ice cube thing. First off, there's the practical issue that should arise when placing frozen cubes of water in your cereal. 

Some suggested another approach that Gene could take if he simply wants his milk colder than it is after just coming out of the fridge. 

Others were left in shock. 

Then, there were those who felt seen by Simmons' post. 

Apparently, putting ice cubes in your cereal isn't a new concept, and it's far from being as strange as you may think.