Last week, a video started to surface showing a man falling off a horse inside of a church. Because the internet has become a version of the Telephone Game, information got misconstrued, leading people to believe that the incident happened to Kanye West during his Sunday Service. This forced the rapper's wife to set the record straight.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on Monday, where she urged publications to fact check before spreading false information.

"Please where is the fact checking?!?! I have seen this false story circulating," Kim quote tweeted a post claiming that it was Yeezy on the horse. "This is not Kanye and this is not the Sunday Service Choir."

Kim's post comes after both 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg seemed to take aim at Kanye for what they thought was him riding a horse inside a church.

"Wait I don’t understand, why was he on the horse," 50 captioned an Instagram video stating that it was Kanye on the horse. "AWW SH!t LMAO."

Snoop uploaded the same video to his profile with the caption "Who is that nigga on dat nare."

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