Halsey was the musical guest on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, and performed two songs off her brand new album Manic.

She began with the first single off Manic, "You Should Be Sad'."

For her second song, Halsey turned it down a notch with her slow burn anthem "Finally // Beautiful Stranger."

She also appeared in a taped skit, which you need to see to believe. Good news! It's embedded below. 

It's been a difficult week for the singer, after she accidentally called for the collapse of One World Trade Center. As the story goes, Halsey apparently caught wind of a middling review of her new album from Pitchfork, which just so happens to be housed at the 9/11 site. In the controversial tweet, she wished for the offices to collapse, clearly not realizing the implications of that statement. Halsey quickly deleted the tweet and apologized.

Manic is projected to move 185,000-210,000 units in its first week.