Ebro Darden has shared some honest opinions about how hip-hop views Eminem.

The radio host took to Twitter on Thursday and compared the way Em approaches rap to the way Ebro feels black people have to approach life.

“Eminem treats Rap how Black folks have had to treat life... be 5x better, work 5x harder than everyone and still not necessarily get respect.”

Users had a lot to say about Ebro’s statement. One fan called attention to the fact that Em is one of the most successful artists of all time, to which Ebro replied, “Sales doesn’t mean respect.”

Ebro clarified his point further with a couple of follow-up tweets: “People confuse success and respect,” he wrote.

Ebro’s statements arrive after Eminem released his surprise album Music to Be Murdered By. The response to the album has been mixed, particularly because he targets a number of rappers including Trippie Redd, Lord Jamar, and Joe Budden

Ebro continued tweeting about Em for a while, where he responded to fans and added more commentary.

Eminem shared a letter on Thursday where he addressed the album’s criticism: “In today’s wonderful world murder,has become so commonplace that we are a society obsessed and fascinated by it,” he wrote. “I thought why not make a sport if it, and murder over beats? So before you jump the gun, please allow me to explain. This album was not made for the squeamish.”

He further explained that his aim was to “shock the conscience, which may cause positive action.”

Ebro tweeted that out, too:

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