Zaytoven has tapped Lil Yachty and Lil Keed for a new song and video, titled “Accomplishments.”

In the video, we see all three artists present, as well as a group of people who dance and fight with each other. Zaytoven told Complex of the song, "Accomplishments = MONSTER BEAT. YACHTY best verse 2019. KEED HYPNOTIZING MELODY. CLASSIC. Album on the way."

"Accomplishments" is the first single from an upcoming collab album that will feature the three artists as well as surprise fourth member. Stay tuned for more details about the project.

In June, Zaytoven revealed that he and Nipsey Hussle were planning on creating a collaborative project. “Me and Nipsey was talkin’ about, ‘We got to do some music together. Let's just do it, don't tell anybody, just knock it out,’” Zay told Complex. “I can't believe we missed that opportunity [...] I felt like I been knowin' Nipsey forever. And I was only around him for [that time].”

Zay also appeared on a panel during ComplexCon Long Beach 2019, where he discussed the process of how to make a modern-day rap hit.

Watch the video for "Accomplishments" above.



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