Months before his tragic death, Nipsey Hussle was in talks to drop a joint project with Zaytoven.

The ATL hitmaker revealed this information during this week's episode of Sole Collector's Full Size Run. Zaytoven told hosts Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Trinidad James that he had worked with Nipsey during the 2018 Craft Syndicate—a mentor program/hip-hop contest.

"Me and Nipsey was talking about doing a full project together—not even talkin', not even sayin' nothing to nobody, just doing the music," Zaytoven said at around the 12-minute mark in the video up top. "So we were doing this mentoring program together. It was me, Nipsey, Rick Ross, and Organized Noize. So it was like a competition. Me and Nipsey had an artist and then Rick Ross and Organized Noize had an artist to mentor."

Zaytoven and Nipsey walked away with the win, after working with up-and-coming West Coast artist UTK on "Hierarchy." Shortly after their victory, the two agreed they had to cook something up in the studio.

"Me and Nipsey was talkin' about, 'We got to do some music together. Let's just do it, don't tell anybody, just knock it out,'" Zaytoven recalled. "I can't believe we missed that opportunity [...] I felt like I been knowin' Nipsey forever. And I was only around him for [that time]."

You can check out the latest episode of Full Size Run above. Zaytoven also discusses his style inspirations, the first shoe Gucci Mane ever gifted him, and his thoughts on sneaker resellers. His recent project with Chief KeefGloToven, can be streamed here.