Meek Mill's newest signee has gotten tangled up in a social media scuffle with Blueface

On Monday morning, Yung Ro posted a clip of Blueface's sister to his Instagram Stories. Ro captioned the clip by asking for his sister's Instagram handle because he "[wants] her."

This is in response to Blueface's social media antics. Last week, Yung Ro made a video explaining why he doesn't wear jewelry. 

"Listen, why would I walk around with $50,000.00 worth of jewelry on my neck, and my momma ain’t got no motherfucking house, my grandma still on dialysis," Ro said. "How am I gonna look to them? He just spent 50 on jewelry, it takes like 30 for my grandma to get off dialysis... Man shit crazy! No I got to get them right then you gonna see me icing myself up, you gonna see me walking in designer shoes."

The video went viral, prompting Blueface to send some specific subliminals Yung Ro's way. 

"If you sign a deal an you can’t afford 50 for a chain an 50 to get yo granny off dialysis an another 100 for to put down on yo momma house you shouldn’t have signed that on Cryp," Blueface wrote on his Instagram story. "Invest in ya self a chain is more then a chain in this rap shyt its all about da image it’s not about how good you rap or how good you freestyle its 2020 it’s a popularity contest you get paid based off how cool you look an how much you appeal to your fan base it’s a new rapper every every 5 min you gotta sticc if you want longevity in this shyt y do think people notice if you don’t have a chain."

Although Blueface claimed that he was just giving Ro career advice, Ro seems to have taken offense to the rapper's criticism. This led Ro to bring Blueface's sister into the mix. 

Ro's reasoning for not buying jewelry is rooted in uplifting his family; Blueface made headlines for the opposite reason. In July, Blueface kicked both his mom and sister out of his house. He even referred to his mom as a "clout chaser" during this fiasco. His sister fired back with a freestyle diss aimed at Blueface. Ro uploaded that diss on his Instagram Stories.