London based producer Harlequiin (aka Rory Simmons) is back with his fifth solo EP, Satellites Spinning, and today he's sharing one of the four-tracker's highlights, "Villages". Here Simmons uses luscious synth washes together with beautifully chopped and repurposed vocal samples for an intoxicating, heady rush, looping and swirling them to dizzying effect. Unsurprisingly, he cites Four Tet and Floating Points as big influences here, but the rest of the EP fits more with his usual sound of post-club electronics and soulful songwriting, teaming up with Amelka May, Elliott Cole and Beki Mari.

Speaking with Complex via email, Simmons told us: "'Villages' was inspired by Four Tet and Floating Points, skipping sub kick drums dance around plaintive sampled folk choirs, breaking down into wistful lullabies before a stark and swaggering drum machine jumps back to life. I really wanted to build something with this track that sounded at once like weird field recordings but also something with the momentum of a dance track."

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