Dame Dash's child support issues will be handled by Lee Daniels.

According to TMZ, instead of hounding Dame for the $950,000 in back child support, the mothers of his children, Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales, will hit Daniel's pockets. Although this came to light on Tuesday, it's reportedly part of an agreement that has been in the works for a while. 

In September, Dame and Daniels reached a settlement over the $5 million lawsuit that Dash filed against the producer and director. Daniels agreed to pay back the $1.7 million which was the original amount that Dame loaned him to invest in a movie. Yet instead of it going to Dame's account, Roy and Morales agreed to have $950,000 of the settlement be redirected to them.

This deal created some confusion as Dash was arrested last month for failing to pay his child support. Upon his release, Dash informed the media that he had already paid the debt. Yet, it seems like things weren't legally rectified until Tuesday. At the hearing, a judge confirmed that Daniels will pay Morales and Roy in installments of "several thousand dollars" per quarter until the $950,000 is paid. 

This isn't all of Dash's legal/financial woes. In November, Dame claimed that he couldn't pay the $2,400 that he owes because he's broke.

"My income streams have all been garnished," Dash wrote according to TMZ. "It is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts." 

Dash, however, refuted these claims, stating that TMZ has "been saying the same shit for 12 years."