Chance the Rapper swapped his name out for Host the Rapper during last night’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Chance hosted the episode in lieu of Corden, coming out on stage to do his opening monologue and began speaking in a British accent, which he soon was told he didn’t have to do. Before regaling the audience with some jokes about the news, he quipped that he didn’t want to host, but he wanted to get out of the Chicago weather.

He began the news portion with a recap of an insane 391-mile traffic jam in Paris, which resulted from workers on strike, laughing that he didn’t know the French city sold the new Popeyes chicken sandwiches. He also touched on the Hallmark Channel’s apology for pulling an ad that featured a same-sex couple kissing—and another story about an Australian couple finding a python in their Christmas tree.

Chance and Taylor Bennett also had a brotherly moment during the show, performing the song “Roo” together.

There were also other funny moments, including Chance, Taraji P. Henson, Lil Nas X, and Bennett playing the game Nuzzle Whaaa?, as well as the game Cry Right Now for Chance The Rapper (and $100). Chance did another news segment and then sat down with Lil Nas and Taraji, where they discussed the first time Taraji and Nas' dad met. You can watch the clips below.