Camila Cabello issued an apology on Instagram Wednesday, for her past racist language. 

The apology came after several old tweets and Tumblr posts resurfaced on social media, some of which can be seen below.

The since-deleted posts were allegedly littered with racist rhetoric, and people took notice.

The 22-year-old singer wrote:

When I was younger, I used language that I am deeply ashamed of and will regret forever. I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed i ever used it. I apologized then and I apologize again now. I would never intentionally hurt anyone and I regret it from the bottom of my heart. As much as I wish I could, I can't go back in time and change things I said in the past. But once you know better, you do better and that's all I can do.

I'm now 22, I'm an adult, and I've grown and learned and am conscience and aware of the history and the paint it carries in a way I wasn't before. Those mistakes don’t represent the person I am or a person I’ve ever been. I only stand and have ever stood for love and inclusivity, and my heart has never, even then, had any ounce of hate or divisiveness. The truth is I was embarrassingly ignorant and unaware. I use my platform to speak about injustice and inequality and I’ll continue doing that. I can’t say enough how deeply sorry and ashamed I feel, and I apologize again from the bottom of my heart.

Despite her apology, fans aren't convinced that her motives are sincere. Some don't believe her age excuses her from not knowing that her words were racist. They also don't feel like her apology makes up for the frequency of the posts.