Blueface has caused a stir after he suggested that comedians should not branch out into hip-hop. Speaking directly to the comic Shiggy, Blueface said fans wouldn't take any music he released seriously.

"Listen, if you a comedian, and you try to jump in the rap lane, it’s not gonna work out the way you think it’s gonna work out," Blueface said on an Instagram Live stream when he ran into Shiggy at Rolling Loud. "Just cause you got 4 million followers, 5 million followers, them people follow you ’cause you a comedian. So, once you try to rap they are not going to take you serious."

In response to the comments, comedian Lil Duval posted a screenshot of how well his song "Smile Bitch (Livin' My Best Life)" performed. Blueface was quick to dismiss the success. He responded in the comments directly, laying out his thoughts. "Duval that song you made was a comedic song everybody got a kick out of it an [sic] that's y it went viral you did it the way I was tryna' tell Shiggy you ain't make no hardcore gangster song or no trap song." 

On Instagram Live stream, Blueface's tone was somewhat more negative. "Lil Duval has entered the chat. Lil Duval's song did not go platinum," he added with a smile. "It was a nice lil viral moment, just like everybody has if they got the right resources and utensils. I actually fuck with the song, the song was funny as hell. It was pure comedy. Smile bitch."

Some reacted negatively to what Blueface had to say, and the 22-year-old hit back in yet another Instagram Live stream. "All y'all wanna tell me about my profession," he said. "I'm a professional. I know y'all hate to hear it. [...] Can't no comedian tell me about my profession. Can't no podcaster tell me about my profession." He later told comedians to "stick to fuckin' telling jokes."

He then declared himself a stand-up comedian by telling a "your mama" joke. "I'm a stand-up comedian now, fuck it. I got the followers for it," he said. "Your mama is so stupid, when she goes to order a nicoise salad she calls it a nacroix salad."

Blueface clearly hasn't heard Zack Fox's "The Bean Kicked In." 

Shiggy, meanwhile, hasn't let the confrontation keep him down and just recently asked his followers to tag producers he could work with.

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