50 Cent came through big time for his son.

Earlier this month, the hip-hop mogul shared a video in which he asked 7-year-old Sire what he wanted for Christmas. And let's just say his request wasn't exactly modest.

"I want the whole store of Toys 'R' Us," Sire told his dad over the phone. "For all the toooooys ... I want Toys 'R' Us ... the whole store."

Though 50 was clearly amused by Sire's answer, he took the request very seriously. Very seriously.

According to TMZ, Fif shelled out around $100,000 to rent out an entire Toys 'R' Us this weekend, allowing his kid to freely browse the space without having to deal with the holiday shopping rush. The store is located in New Jersey and is said to be only one of two Toys 'R' Us brick-and-mortars currently open. The company began shutting down about 700 locations a couple of years ago after declaring bankruptcy. It has since been acquired by Tru Kids, which is aiming to revive the once-mighty retail giant. 

Sire's mom, Daphne Joy, shared footage of the private shopping spree on her Instagram. The stories show her son and Fif looking through the merchandise, as well as customized store displays with Sire's name and face. He also got the chance to meet the Toys 'R' Us mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

"Christmas came early," Daphne is heard saying in the video. "Daddy got Sire all the Legos—but not just all of the Legos, all of Toys 'R' Us ... he's in utter shock right now and disbelief."

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