Elliot Grainge, founder and CEO of 10K Projects, has shared some insight on his decision to ink a two-album contract extension with 6ix9ine amid his controversial racketeering and firearms case.

In an expansive interview with Variety out earlier this week, Grainge—whose father, notably, is UMG CEO Lucian Grainge—said the deal marks an "opportunity" for the Dummy Boy artist as opposed to a personal "second chance" scenario.

"Tekashi knows how to get under people's skin," Grainge said in the interview. "He is an addictive, charismatic human being—and very intelligent, but he made some unfortunate choices in regard to the people he surrounded himself with. Knowing him like I do, since he was [called] Daniel Hernandez, I wouldn't be doing a good job as a human, let alone a label head, if I didn't try to help him. I'm not giving 6ix9ine a second chance, just an opportunity. The rest is up to him. The artist himself has to make those choices."

Earlier this week, we learned that prosecutors in 6ix9ine's case had requested he be given a reduced sentence, citing his assistance in the prosecution of several co-defendants. Prosecutors called 6ix9ine's contributions "incredibly significant and extremely useful," per legal documents obtained by Complex.

As for those two albums included in the deal with the DAY69-releasing 10K Projects label, TMZ reported in October that the multimillion-dollar agreement is for the release of one English album and one Spanish album. Possible release dates for the albums have not been mentioned.

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine's sentencing is currently set for Dec. 18. For more info, give this a read.