The Wu-Tang Clan might be getting their own theme park. And if they do, it will be a heck of a lot closer to the home of Shaolin than Staten Island.

According to the Vice President of Wu-Tang Clan Management Jimmy Kang, the planned theme park centered around the Clan will be in Seoul, South Korea. Kang, who moved to Los Angeles with his family from Korea when he was four, is currently negotiating a deal to put a Wu-Tang-themed park there. He shared the news in a MassLive profile of his rise from rap show booker to nightclub owner on to VP of Wu-Tang.

Kang said he was approached by the Clan at the start of the decade after his record label, show booking, and nightclub ventures in Worcester, Massachusetts caught the eye of members of the Clan.

“They came and asked me to come up to New York City,” Kang said. “I met up with RZA, Freedom, Devine, Mook and Krumbsnatcha. When they approached me, I thought it was unreal.”

The theme park doesn't have a planned opening date, but Kang noted the development would take him back to Korea for the first time since he immigrated. 

It's been a good year for the group. The Clan's story was turned into a miniseries for Hulu dubbed Wu Tang Clan: An American Saga just a few months after Showtime released their multi-part documentary on the famed rap collective called Of Mics And Men, created by Sacha Jenkins.