Amid the trove of various takes on the revered Stephen King character Pennywise this Halloween, that of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's son Sebastian was the one to beat.

On Wednesday night's Late Late Show, Wiz joined James Corden on a couch to discuss the enviably masterful costume, as well as his son's fondness for It and horror at large.

"So, I didn't have to explain to him 'Let's be evil,'" he said. "He's weird. He loves scary movies. He's not really scared of, like, gory things. He understands that it's just a story and that it's a movie and it's not real. ... He's watched It, both of them."

In fact, it was his son's insistence on seeing the most recent adaptation that inspired him to take the King plunge.

"I wasn't even gonna watch it," Wiz said. "But I was like 'He's six, I gotta get tough.'" Wiz added that Sebastian's 2019 Pennywise tribute on Halloween, i.e. the most important day of any given year, "absolutely" scared his friends.

With the next edition of Halloween now an overwhelming 359 days away, we should all perhaps consider the rest of 2019 being comforted by this Friday's release of Mike Flanagan's King-adapting Doctor Sleep and the impending VOD arrival of It: Chapter Two.

After all, if you live it right, life is a permanent Halloween.