On Monday, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram with an angry post directed at booking agents who are attempting to stop his bag.

"Aye y'all, I'm finna put some words out 'bout some punk-ass motherfucking agents in the music industry that don't want to see a black man win as a booking agent," Snoop said at the beginning of his clip that he captioned "U know who u is. Bitch."

Snoop Dogg is known for having more than a few hustles. That's why it came as no surprise when the rapper partnered with booking agent Bobby Dee to create a multi-million dollar entertainment company called Uncle Snoop's Army in June. From his recent post, it appears as though Bobby Dee and the Doggfather are running into barriers simply because they're people of color. 

This prompted Snoop to threaten to expose the people who are attempting to hold them back. "I'll be giving up names real soon and what company they with," Snoop continued. "Don't wanna see a n***a win because I connected with somebody that of a different ethnicity? Because I got a Mexican—a Latino working with me? It's black and brown and y'all don't wanna see that? Fuck y'all."

Snoop closed the video by channeling the spirit of his former Death Row boss, Suge Knight. The rapper hearkened back to Knight's 1995 Source Awards speech and urged any artist who feels similarly to start working with his booking agency. "Any artist that's tired of being fucked over by these punk motherfuckers, holler at Snoop Dogg and Uncle Snoop's Army and Bobby Dee ASAP," Snoop said.