Earlier this week, three-piece band Rayowa — aka brothers Dan, Reece and Luke — released their debut single "Better Man". Having previously gone by the name Courts, the three brothers are back with a sleek, glittering piece of disco with surprisingly poignant lyrics. In the Hobby Holmes-directed video those words are made painfully clear as we watch our protagonist, played by Andre-Nisbett
Gordon, battle depression and anxiety, vowing to be a "Better Man".

Speaking with Complex via email, the band told us: "We were after a visual that felt cinematic and communicates the meaning of the song in a tasteful way. The director, Hobby did an incredible job in bringing the themes explored in 'Better Man' to screen. The lead and rising star, Andre blew us away with his performance. The video follows the story of a man's internal battle with depression and anxiety, as he begins to make a change."