Peckham-raised singer Aadae has always made a point of absorbing and blending as many different influences into her music as possible. Classic soul, Afrobeats, R&B and more can be heard pulsing through all of her songs and new single "Fly Free" is the latest. Driven by an intoxicating drum beat and a tightly-wound rhythm, the instrumental gallops behind Aadae's voice on "Fly Free", intensifying the track's dizzying quality. 

At the same time as releasing the new single, Aadae will also be putting on a show at Set Space in Dalston (November 10), which will look at her take on the Nigerian South London diaspora. Speaking with Complex via email, she told us: "The event is going to be an amazing combo of crowd sourced photographs of people from a variety a different backgrounds to celebrate how diverse and colourful London is and a soundscape and live performance that echoes this theme. On a very personal level, I will also be documenting my own experiences of South East London. I am inviting people into my way of seeing — I think it will be interesting as shine a light on some really unique subcultures. Get ready to see how I really tie my gele, how auntie patterns my fro with her Afro comb and ilarun, and how some of us worship in our white sutanas with bare feet... after all, they don't call Peckham 'little Lagos' for nothing." 

Catch Aadae and her exhibition at Set Space in Dalston (November 10).

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