Lizzo's "Water Me," which originally came out in 2017 before winding up on the deluxe edition of Cuz I Love You, has miraculously climbed to No. 15 on the U.S. iTunes chart. When a Nicki Minaj stan leveled payola and use of streaming bots against the "Turth Hurts" rapper and singer, Lizzo shot them down with two simple tweets. "Mfs not even hiding the payola and bots anymore," the Twitter user said, prompting her to respond.

"Actually Walmart just used my song 'Water Me' in their Black Friday commercial and because of Shazam and the #dealdropdance it's becoming popular... But go off," she tweeted. The allegations stem from the belief that Lizzo's record label paid for her songs to become sleeper hits, as her 2017 single "Truth Hurts" peaked at No. 1 earlier this year while 2016's "Good as Hell" also climbed to No. 3 and received an Ariana Grandé remix.

"Y'all think it was the plan for all my old ass songs to be #?" she asked in a second tweet. "I have a whole album the world hasn't even heard yet. We can't plan how it happens when it's your moment it's your moment... I always believe in me I just need the world to feel me. Now they do. I'm grateful." 

Following these tweets, Lizzo started to retweet fans hoping to see their favorite single of hers go viral. "The PEOPLE are making these calls... not the label," she said.