The Game and Anderson .Paak join forces on the Compton rapper's latest track, "Stainless."

This track is reminiscent of the Instagram videos The Game shared following the death of his close friend and collaborator, Nipsey Hussle. In these clips, the rapper recorded himself driving down the streets of Los Angeles, deep in introspective thought. Yet unlike the videos, this track isn't solely focused on grief. Instead, The Game shares his perspective on several West Coast legends and figures. 

"I went from wanting to be Suge to hating Suge to fucking with him/28 years a long ass time, it's fucking with him," he raps in reference to Suge Knight's recent prison sentence. "Talked to him on the phone the other day/About how he could've signed me before Dre... If that nigga Bron Bron rap it would sound like this/Somewhere between Cube and 'Kiss, I can't miss." 

While touching on these LA icons, The Game puts a focus on how dangerous the city can be by making sure he harkens back to the fact he keeps a gun on him. The ugliness that is hidden by the city's beauty is mirrored by the pairing of Paak's soulful chorus and Game's aggressive lyrics. The Game cleverly blends these themes together by touching on why it's necessary to always have a firearm in LA. 

"Picture me rolling like 'Pac, nigga/But I'm not Pac, nigga/I be in that Beamer with it cocked, nigga," Game raps. "Baby Lane killed Pac/Niggas killed Baby Lane/Bountry was busting back, Heron died in his chain/A fatal car crash killed Fatal Hussein/R.I.P. Kadafi, driving down memory lane." 

"Stainless" will appear on The Game's upcoming album, Born 2 Rap, which will drop on Nov. 29. In the meantime, listen to "Stainless" over on Apple Music or below via Spotify. Game also dropped off a music video for the track. The visuals reference the album cover to Game's The Documentary album. Check it out up top.