J. Cole has shared his reaction to this weekend's Colin Kaepernick developments, noting that he was briefly under the assumption that the NFL would make a commendable move regarding the quarterback and political activist's status within the league.

In a tweet early Monday, Cole used a trio of clown emoji to express his feelings on how this weekend's NFL workouts went down:

Days earlier, Cole had quote-tweeted Kaepernick's initial announcement of the Saturday workout, predicting "the hardest jersey of all time" and showing his support by telling him to "show out" for attendees.

As is well-explained in this Forbes breakdown of the workout, which ultimately saw a change of venue due to what Kaepernick criticized as a lack of transparency and a larger effort to control the narrative, the initial excitement regarding the news was quickly complicated as more details were released.

When addressing attending reporters and supporters at the weekend workout event, Kaepernick explained why "the ball's in their court" with regards to what happens next.

"Our biggest thing with everything today was making sure we had transparency in what went on," he said. "We weren't getting that elsewhere so we came out here. It's important that y'all are here. Y'all have been attacked for the last three years. Y'all continue to be attacked. We appreciate what y'all do. We appreciate you being here today. We appreciate the work you do for the people in telling the truth. That's what we want in everything. I've been ready for three years, I've been denied for three years."

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