Ghetts And Rude Kid Raise A Glass To The Fallen Ones On "Legends Don't Die"

Keeping the memories of those we've lost, very much alive.

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Ghetts and long-time collaborator, producer Rude Kid have linked up for a new heartfelt track entitled "Legends Don't Die".

The many different sides to Ghetts' lyricism is perhaps the main reason he remains relevant a decade after emerging. On "Legends Don't Die", the revered MC assumes the elder statesman position—reflective and pensive, he shouts out some of the fellow UK legends, from Esco to Crazy Titch, N.E to Smiley Culture, who are either no longer with us or in prison.

Dedicated to the memory of Stormin, the charismatic N.A.S.T.Y Crew member who passed away last year, Ghetts reveals his role in appointing him the name "Ghetto", watching over classic footage in a cinema setting. Take it all in above.


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