Friday Night Plans is the Tokyo-based band consisting of singer-songwriter Masumi and a revolving cast of collaborators that usually includes producer and drummer Tepppei. Friday Night Plans found some considerable success last year with their ultra smooth cover of Japanese City Pop' "Plastic Love", but it seems their sound has evolved immeasurably since then.

After recently releasing "All The Dots" and "Decoy", Masumi and co. are now releasing the new Friday Night Plans EP, Complex. A stunning and eclectic collection, nothing is off limits. Their inviting brand of late night R&B takes its cues from all over the world, from jazz and soul to K-Pop and Justin Bieber, with surprisingly cohesive results. All their disparate influences sit side-by-side, with wildly experimental electronics drawing those threads together. 

Speaking with Complex via email, "The personal concept for this EP was expressing my journey to finding who I truly am, through discovering emotions that I have long avoided, uncovering memories and thoughts that were silently stowed away, and collecting pieces of my past. I openly wrote about the highlights of my life, as well as times when I wanted to escape and hide from everything - because these moments are all important to me, for me to be able to love and accept who I am. I would be honoured if this EP becomes a soundtrack for someone's life — for the emotions, thoughts, and the little things that make life what it is.”