A 13-year-old Florida teenager was arrested for singing rap lyrics. 

According to Tampa's local NBC-affiliate, the unidentified minor was taken into custody around 3 p.m. ET on Monday. He was charged with the false report of using a firearm in a violent manner. Per the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the incident stemmed from the student being disruptive during his fifth-period class. 

The teen reportedly pulled down his pants to pick at a wedgie. He then allegedly declined his teacher's request for him to return to his seat and continued talking to other students. At this point, the teacher ordered him to leave the room. Before exiting, his teacher claims that he turned around and said: "This is not over, I got my Glock 9." The police report states that the incident and the remark was witnessed by two instructors. 

Upon his arrest, the teen and his mother were subjected to an interview with the authorities. During the conversation, the student admitted to making the comment. Yet he says that it was only a play on lyrics rapped by 9lokkNine. On the track "Bounce Out Wit Dat Glokk9," 9lokkNine raps "We thugging, we got our Glock nine." According to the police report, this is what fueled the teen to say the remark to his teacher. The report concluded that "the defendant did not meet requirements for county diversion because this is a second-degree felony."