Unless you've found enviably good rent beneath an actual rock, the past 24 hours or so, have seen you and everyone you know wholly inundated with matters of Drake. Specifically, we've all been enveloped by that little Camp Flog Gnaw thing that really wasn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of music happenings but has grown legs nevertheless.

And while both Drake and festival curator Tyler, the Creator ultimately shared statements with the public regarding this weekend's goings-on at Dodger Stadium (not to mention Tyler's updated Twitter bio), another facet of this moment in Flog Gnaw lore worth highlighting are the fan-crafted reaction verses that have been spreading across Reddit and Twitter since Sunday night.

All penned using their best Drake-lite stylings, these verses place Flog Gnaw 2019 squarely in the larger discography narrative of the 6 god with fittingly humorous results. After all, even Drake himself flipped this all into a joke by telling fans Monday night that he "just signed a 10-year residency" deal with Flog Gnaw organizers.

Anyway, while I wait in vain for some kind of "Summer Games" remix or rework or literally anything at all, do enjoy perusing some fan-imagined faux Drake x Flog Gnaw reaction verses below:

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