ComplexCon attendees were recently gifted with a live Hot Ones featuring none other than proven hitmaker DaBaby.

Around eight minutes into the heat-assisted discussion, host Sean Evans asked DaBaby for the origin story of a glorious Instagram post featuring a mysterious woman named Becky.

"Becky was most definitely on that gang shit," DaBaby confirmed. "We was coming out of a restaurant and, I don't know, I think I was just taking pictures, period. I was standing, like, maybe on top of the car doing some ignorant shit taking pictures with my money out and I noticed the lady taking a picture of me and I said 'Nah, come take it with me' . . . Shout-out to Becky."

Speaking further on the magic of the impromptu Becky moment, DaBaby said he believes she's a teacher.

"I think she's, like, a math teacher or some shit," he said. "Gotta be the coolest teacher in the world."

One person who might have watched DaBaby's Hot Ones moment is none other than Elizabeth Warren. In a recent interview, the presidential candidate was asked who she prefers, Snoop Dogg or DaBaby. We'll let you guess who she chose. 

And Mrs. Warren, if you happen to be reading this, here's some fresh DaBaby content for your viewing pleasure. 

See the full DaBaby x Hot Ones collab up top.