Drake and Nessel "Chubbs" Beezer's Pick 6ix sports bar is currently closed, with the Toronto establishment's operations manager saying in a statement that this is the result of flooding.

In a statement to Complex, operations manager Jeff Darby also pushed back against reports that the closing was due to a rent-related issue with the property's landlord.

"Pick 6ix is temporarily closed due to flooding that happened last week," Darby said. "We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building—including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes. We plan to continue to work with the landlord to resolve any misunderstanding and get back to repairing the restaurant from the water damage. We've asked the building management to remove the sign as it is not only unnecessary, but also inaccurate. We want to thank our customers for their patience and hope to reopen again in the new year."

Per a report on the closing from blogTO, the sports bar announced the temporary closure earlier this week via Instagram and in a sign posted to the windows of the establishment. Later, a second set of papers were posted claiming "the Premises have been re-entered and the Lease has been terminated by the Landlord for default in the payment of Rent in the amount of $67,514.73."

The report also explains that landlord London Life Insurance Company has given owners 10 days to claim personal property from inside the restaurant, while anything unclaimed "may be sold or disposed of" following the Nov. 28 cutoff.

The dining space made grand opening headlines last year, with regional reports highlighting its wide-spanning menu that included notable dishes like lobster-topped bolognese pasta. The space also underwent a rebranding that same year.

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