Robin Cars (aka Gustav Shihab) is something of a one-off. Self-effacing and always with a wry smile, his music has been compared to "attempting to read a Tom Robbins novel in a Berghain darkroom", and when telling us about his new track "Chce Romantyka", he was quick to diminish his talents and poke fun at his art. The thing is though, the world would be a much better place if poppy club music really sounded like this. Aided by Polish performance artist Gumo Wiedzma — with whom he worked on "Moja Twarz Sie Maże" earlier this month — "Chce Romantyka" is a snappy dancefloor-filler with a funk-filled bassline, an infectious rhythm and some deftly used vocal samples that flit between the seductive and the surreal.

Speaking with Complex via email, Gustav told us: "The inspiration for the sound came from wanting to dive into poppy club music without having much experience with the genre. Using clubbing and sex as a form of escapism, I've imagined a style rather than investigated it — like a naïve homage."

"Chce Romantyka" drops October 25 through Contraband Records.

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