After nearly nine months, Post Malone finally made good on his word.

Entertainers are known for engaging in gaudy bets with each other. As a result, Post Malone put up $20,000 against Los Angeles' YG ahead of the Rams' playoff game against the Cowboys.

The Cowboys went into the Coliseum and put up a good fight, but ultimately they lost in the divisional round by a score of 22 to 30.

Eventually, Post gave YG his money.

YG was shooting a video for his collaboration with Malone's artist, Tyla Yaweh. At the set of the video, Post's manager, Dre London, personally handed YG a manilla envelope filled with $20,000. Although he was a man of his word, YG still referenced how long it took Malone to fork over the cash."It's been a whole 365 days, n**ga," YG joked in a video obtained by TMZ. "It's about motherfucking time." 

Post squared things up with YG just in time for them to possibly put another wager on the table. Dallas currently tops the NFC East with a record of 3-2. The Rams have the same record but are third in the NFC West. Yet, Los Angeles has a chance to knock off the division-leading San Francisco 49ers this week before they hit the lighter portion of their schedule. This could put them both in the playoff hunt. "I'll see you again in the playoffs," YG said. "You can get your bread back."