Future has built his brand on being brutally honest in his music, especially when it comes to his relationships with women.

Over the weekend, fellow Atlanta rapper, Big Bank DTE, shared a clip of Future in the studio cooking up a new batch. In the previewed track Hndrxx croons: "I don't know her name but she had my child." It's unclear if this is hyperbole or a bar about his recent drama. 

Earlier this year, Eliza Seraphin accused Future of being a "deadbeat" and alleged that he fathered a daughter with her. Seraphin claims that she and the rapper had an on and off relationship that rekindled prior to the child's birth. Yet, Future's denial of the child led Seraphin to file a paternity lawsuit against him. Adding fuel to the speculation surrounding the snippet is the fact that "Last Name" is written on the video. Seraphin chooses not to go by her government name and is professionally known as Eliza Reign. This combined with the possibility that new Hndrxx is on the horizon has fans talking.