6ix9ine has yet to be sentenced in court, but that hasn't stopped him from reportedly signing a $10 million record deal from prison. But a recent post from TMZ indicated that an executive at Hot 97 said the radio station will refuse to play any of his records. Ebro in the Morning host Ebro Darden, however, has outright refuted the report.

"Goofball NY n***as created Tekashi 69 and supported 'the streets,'" Ebro said in a tweet after the TMZ report went live. "When he drops new music Imma play that shit everyday just to shit on ya'll stupid fucks."

Ebro has been a big critic of 6ix9ine for a while, previously trading shots with the controversial rapper in 2018. 

In further tweets, he called out TMZ for their seemingly false report. "All execs @HOT97 deny speaking to anyone @TMZ ..... so this means that Tekashi marketing machine is revving   up to rally his on-line #Bots and drive stories," he tweeted. "If the label is not careful were [sic] gonna have to revisit covering how his on-line shenanigans was fabricated from the beginning and who finances them." 

On Ebro in the Morning, the radio host addressed this situation with his co-hosts Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. "There's a couple people here who absolutely play his music," Stylez said. "I don't talk to TMZ," Ebro added. "I don't care what people say 'cause when that Tekashi music come out, guess what I'm doing? I'm playing it everyday." 

TMZ has yet to respond to Ebro's claims. 6ix9ine, meanwhile, will be sentenced on Dec. 18.

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