Future has filed legal documents refuting claims made by the alleged mother of his seventh child, Eliza Seraphin. The rapper is seeking to get the paternity case brought against him by Seraphin dismissed, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. He believes that the situation is an attempt to extort money from him.

Seraphin told the judge that she needs financial support from him because she doesn't have a bank account, car, or any source of income. Future and his legal team argue that a quick glance at her Instagram will prove that she has multiple jobs and company partnerships. He also alleges that she has several cars including a leased 2018 Range Rover. This has led his lawyers to claim that "the petitioner is lying about financial matters at the onset of case which is solely based on her attempt to extort money." Future doesn't actually address the paternity of the child.

Seraphin filed a paternity lawsuit against the rapper in August. Her complaint states that she already spent close to $100,000 raising their then 4-month-old daughter and had to sell her car just to stay afloat. She wants the judge to put Future on child support and retroactive support for the period he wasn't in their daughter's life.

This isn't Future's only case. Earlier this month, Cindy Renae Parker filed legal documents in Texas that say Future is the father of her 3-month-old son, Legend Ary Wilburn. Parker said that she's been attempting to serve Future with papers that demand a paternity test, but has been unable to track him down.