UPDATED 10/14, 3:29 p.m. ET: Cardi clarified on the Rap Radar podcast that she wasn't really going to name her next album after the golfer.

"I was just kidding," Cardi B said. "I seen him on ESPN, but I kind of like it too. Sport judges and everything that was talking so badly about him like, 'He's trash, he's wack, he should retire,' and then he came back and won that green jacket and then there's a video of him hearing all those bad critics, and he just did this [smirks]."


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Cardi B is considering naming her next album after golf star Tiger Woods.

"Everything that I'm working on right now is straight to my album, straight to my album," Cardi told fans during a recent Instagram Live session. "And I think I'm gonna name my album Tiger Woods. I'm gonna name my album, I think, Tiger Woods because remember when everybody was talking shit on Tiger Woods...and then he fucking came and won that green jacket?"

If the tentatively titled Tiger Woods does indeed end up becoming Cardi's next discography entry, it follows the 2018-released megahit Invasion of Privacy, which is notably still going strong on the Billboard 200 chart. As of this week, the album placed between newer projects from Lil Tjay and Tool at No. 48​.

The record ultimately took home the Best Rap Album honor at the 61st Grammy Awards, a moment of acclaim she recently reflected on in a lengthy note to fans.

"I didn't have no words to say but when I went home I started reminiscing on what I went thru during that period," Cardi said back in August of bagging the award. "I was like YEA BITCH YOU DESERVE THIS SHIT. [And] until this day my shit still charting."

Cardi can currently be seen at a theater near you as part of the cast of Hustlers, a Lorene Scafaria-directed crime drama that's earned high critical praise and enjoyed some serious box office success.