People with nothing better to do with their time here on Earth than speculate about the lives of total strangers can take a break for now, as TMZ has stepped in to squash the annoying Rihanna pregnancy rumors that may or may not have inundated your timeline this morning.

Citing its usual "sources with direct knowledge," TMZ let the world know Friday morning "sorry, she's not pregnant." And that's it. That's the whole story.

The tomfoolery started thanks to people dousing an interview from Thursday night's Clara Lionel Foundation-benefiting Diamond Ball in speculation, followed by the equally ridiculous speculation-dousing of photos from the evening.

Anyway, here's how some people reacted to all this, if that's of interest to you or someone you know:

In news of the more pertinent variety, Rihanna was asked earlier this week about being involved with the Super Bowl halftime show, a question which ended up landing fans another update on the Anti followup.

"Girl, I still got an album to finish," she told Entertainment Tonight. "You're gonna ask about Super Bowl? Really? My fans are gonna have my neck."