Rap renegade Saul Williams is back with an artfully rendered visual for his new single "Dare". The track itself is lifted from Williams' Encrypted & Vulnerable album, which dropped in July this year, and has been given an absorbing, psychedelic visual from director Bamboo Star.

The track itself is a cacophonous whirlwind of distorted noise and industrial rhythms, held together by the rapper, actor, author and poet's free-flowing, spoken word style. As we're encouraged to break down the systems and barriers that keep us divided on a societal level, make sure to also take in his message of self-love and unity on an individual level. Most importantly, just keep in mind that inaction can be just as harmful as willfully upholding those same structures.

Speaking with Complex via email, Williams told us: "The only patience I have nowadays is for truth or dare. The courage that it takes for a society to face the truth, to let go of denial, to give up the narrative that always paints you as the winner, to destroy the systems that restrict growth and the possibility of change or actual justice, to realize when your actions, or your lack of action, your silence, your jokes, your religiosity, your ego, does no more than perpetuate the violence enacted against generations of disenfranchised people; the courage to acknowledge and relinquish your privilege, your position..."

He continues: "If you can't find the courage to face a truth beyond your supposed flyness, beyond your patriotic or patriarchal duties, which is always and simply to uphold the patriarchy each and every time you defend it, beyond your fidelity to your job, or your bank account, or your status as popular, if that's all that's important to you: Fuck you. Think different. I dare you."