In true current era Kanye fashion, it's Friday and Jesus Is King is nowhere to be found.

Though you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who genuinely believed West's recently quasi-announced new project would actually hit streaming services on this day, not to mention the fact that it’s also possible that whatever Jesus Is King even is will just be unveiled during Friday's Sunday Service, the lack of a new Kanye collection still managed to bring out the frustration-inspired jokes.

As for the status of the presumed album, it's worth noting that we went through this exact thing last year with Yandhi. Bootlegs of alleged Yandhi cuts started circulating this past summer, leading some to assume the project had been called off altogether.

Fans should also note that West was reported earlier this week to have settled his lawsuit against EMI Publishing. Per court documents, West and EMI have reached an agreement and will draft and finalize the final settlement terms "within 90 days."

Anyway, in lieu of Jesus Is King, simply peruse some tweets below while re-spinning Kids See Ghosts.

Stay strong.