A day before the release of So Much Fun, I wrote about how the stars were aligning for Young Thug and the timing felt perfect for his best (and most successful) album yet. Mainstream listeners were finally getting accustomed to his sound, he had just finished a hot streak of successful guest features on pop songs, and he had shown signs that he was capable of putting together his most cohesive body of work to date. After an initial listen to So Much Fun, it seems he took advantage of the opportunity and delivered one of the strongest projects of his career. Mixtape vs. album naming conventions aside, this comes across like more of an album than most other entries in his catalog. So Much Fun feels like a complete thought, as opposed to the collections of fragmented ideas we’ve heard on projects like Beautiful Thugger Girls. It's still unclear whether those J. Cole executive producer rumors were true or not, but somehow, Thug figured out how to construct a cohesive project in a way that he never quite has before. Now, we'll wait to see if it translates to commercial success. —Eric Skelton

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