Ugly God is set to release his long-awaited debut album Bumps & Bruises on Friday (Aug. 9), but before it drops he stopped by Everyday Struggle. During his visit, he discussed real fans vs. fake fans, what it feels like to finally have a debut effort ready to go, and what his label situation is. As the conversation wrapped up, DJ Akademiks asked the 22-year-old how he's feeling about his possible first week sales; the rapper explained why he's not all that worried.

"Tell me what you think is a W and I'll tell you what I think is a W," Ugly God asked Akademiks around the 43:50 mark in the video above.

Akademiks responded, "So a W for you, right, if you sell 20-25k I think that's a W. Where do I think you might end up? 15 or 20." Ugly God broke down what he believes is a win for an artist of his caliber.

"If I sell 50 first week, is that a W?" he asked Akademiks. "Of course," Ak replied.

"Now what if I sell fucking 50 and I don't go on tour and I'm unable to sell merch, or I sell... be like Yung Bans and trade so much to sell however much he sells, then I'm able to go sell out a tour and sell out merch, who won? The n***a who sold 50k or the n***a who sold fuckin' however many 'k' and is able to tour and capitalize off of that," Ugly God said.

"First week sales is some old school ass shit, really," he added. "It looks cool. Like some shit, it just looks cool." A lot of rappers have been able to foster feverish fan bases without even cracking the top ten of the Billboard 200, so perhaps Ugly God is right that it's an old school attitude that doesn't quite matter as much anymore.