R. Kelly is reportedly looking for some heavyweights to represent him in his many pending trials. TMZ reports Kelly is angling to land Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who represented Michael Jackson in his 2005 molestation case and got Robert Blake acquitted of murder.

The gossip website claims Kelly met with Mesereau for four hours, but he's yet to sign on. The issue appears to be Kelly's finances, which are being burned through to fight his numerous cases. An attorney of Mesereau's caliber doesn't come cheap.

TMZ notes that Kelly is looking for new representation as his current team brings too much media attention for stunts like calling his accusers "disgruntled groupies." R. Kelly's current lead attorney Steve Greenberg called the news that Kelly was seeking out new lawyers, "A complete load of crap."

Should Kelly get a new lawyer, they will have quite the caseload in front of them. In addition to charges in Chicago and New York, Kelly was recently hit with two counts of underage prostitution in Minnesota. Kelly allegedly paid a minor to strip for him in his hotel room in 2001, at which point prosecutors claim there was "sexual contact" but "no intercourse" between the two. 

Greenberg replied to the charges in a way that is sure to bait press, perhaps proving Kelly's point. 

"Give me a break," he wrote on Twitter. "This is beyond absurd.