R. Kelly has filed legal documents where he condemns his alleged victims and labels them as “disgruntled groupies.”

TMZ reports that the documents requested that a federal judge release the singer before his impending trial. His attorneys have maintained that Kelly isn’t a threat, claiming that the allegations made against him are a sham. When explaining their side, the lawyers say the “groupies sought out Robert's attention, even fought each other for it, voluntarily contacted him, came to his shows, pined to be with him…”

Kelly’s lawyer, Douglas Anton, claimed in the documents that the government is trying to make Kelly out to be the villain, but all the accusations amount to are “five disgruntled groupies, not all of which are alleged to be underage, who now show groupie remorse so many years later and only after a TV Show and an aggressive, vocal Cook County prosecutor makes a public cry for 'victims come forth,' tell your story and be famous.”

Kelly’s team also specifically points to one of the alleged victims who wasn’t underage when she first came into contact with Kelly, and who has alleged that the singer gave her herpes. The lawyers say she came to Kelly’s door and “wanted him so much that she alleges that she did not require or even request that a condom be used.” The attorneys also say she was “admittedly promiscuous” and that authorities never examined the number of sexual partners she had.

Earlier this month, R. Kelly was arrested on federal sex crime charges. The 52-year-old is currently being held in solitary confinement at a Chicago prison, and will soon be transported to New York to face his felony charges on Aug. 2. The case in Illinois, which alleges that R. Kelly made videotapes of himself having sex with underage girls, is set to continue with another hearing on Wednesday. Last week, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Krull revealed that the case could implicate others and result in more charges.