Back in June this year, Sydney producer upsidedownhead, aka Ross James, released his latest single "Circulate" and today he's sharing a remix from fellow Sydney resident Pat Carroll. The original was a warped but infectious piece of synth pop centred around delicate vocals and fragile synths. Carroll's remix flips things somewhat, placing the focus on the electronics to create an immersive, rolling, seven-minute epic of futuristic dance music.

Speaking with Complex via email, Pat Carroll explained: "For the remix, instead of focussing on the main vocals, I wanted to have more of an instrumental centre. So I used the plucky synth recording at the start of the original and basically tried to build the whole tune around that. So it's really a big set of variations on that one recording. Even the very last section is still using the same rhythm of it, just through a new synth.

"I also restricted myself as much as possible to only using sounds from the stems, so besides the kick and the basses, everything is from Ross' original sounds. All the atmospheric sounds were created by processing the vocals to create a bed for all the quick percussive sounds to play over."