50 Cent and his friends are still living off the high they got from the rapper's Tycoon Pool Party. 

Like almost everything Fif does, his event has turned into an opportunity for him to get some jokes off on Instagram. After posting a few recap videos, 50 announced that Bow Wow was officially off "probation" and is allowed to attend the next event he throws.

Fif first put Bow Wow in time out after he jokingly accused Bow Wow of using his money to throw at strippers. This led Bow Wow to respond by posting a video of 50 getting ready to do an early morning press run. From the clip, it is clear that Fif is still exhausted from the weekend's festivities.

"Yo dont let @50cent lie to yall he not up!" Bow Wow's caption reads. "Look at bro eyes tycoon weekend gottem hurting! Peep how he opened the drawer for no reason then closed it."

As far as Uncle Snoop, he was at his nephew's Tycoon Weekend to bless the party with a performance. As expected, Snoop Dogg was very high which provide for a hilarious video of him dancing.

Snoop also got everyone around him to indulge in his cannabis, including 50 Cent. Contrary to what he suggests on "High All The Time," 50 has gone on record stating he rarely drinks and he doesn't smoke weed. But when Snoop's around, anything is possible. 

"@snoopdogg made me smoke," 50 Cent captioned a video where he tried to talk his way outta smoking before succumbing to the peer pressure. "Now I got a drug problem."