There's a pop star beef drought on right now, leaving folks who need messiness to live scrambling to suck up even the slightest suggestion of rude behavior. In a world where Taylor Swift has moved on from her beef with Katy Perry and started writing songs about her own life again, gossipers are desperate to find and amplify any impropreity. That's the only reason we can see for this fabricated beef between Shawn Mendes and Halsey. And Halsey's already asking to be excluded from the narrative. 

In case you missed it, Halsey was called out for checking her phone during Shawn Mendes' VMAs performance. The singer responded on Twitter, saying that she was only checking on her mother briefly.

"can everyone stop saying I was checking my phone during Shawn's performance I was texting my mom to make sure she was ok in the audience!!!!!!" Halsey wrote. "(and also I was dancing!!!!)"

Halsey and Shawn stans shared proof that she was into Mendes' performance.

That wasn't the only rumor that swirled around Halsey at the awards show. Apparently, the pop star was a victim of every dude on Earth having the same haircut as many fans confused her managers for her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy.