French Montana has cleared a few things up about his recent street fight in NYC.

For those who missed it: The rapper was captured on camera Tuesday morning screaming at his security guard and knocking a camera phone out of another man's hand. It was initially reported that the altercation began after some rando had tried to sucker punch French as he left the Amish Market in Tribeca; however, the artist claims it all started with a fight between two members of his entourage, following a long night of post-VMAs partying.

"We had went to the strip club, then after the strip club, we stopped to get some chopped cheese," he said in a recent interview with Angie Martinez. "Then my boys just started arguing. The next thing, I turn around, they started fighting. My security is in the car asleep—I don't blame him, though."

"'Cause you had him out all night," Angie interjected.

"Yeah. So I don't blame him," French said. "So, that's why I was yelling at [my security]. Like, I shouldn't be the one breaking up a fight."

He continued: "It was only us. It wasn't no outside people."

Angie then asked French if anyone from his team was mad at him over the altercation.

French didn't provide a clear answer, simply stating that these kinds of incidents are inevitable, and he wasn't going to sit back just to avoid bad press.

"Let me tell you something: I'm a gangster rapper," he said. "That means shit going to happen ... I mean, if I see two of my friends fighting ... you think I'm not going to go break up the fight because I'm worrying about what anybody thinks? They could end up stabbing each other, shooting each other ..."

French went on to say that situation had been resolved and his two friends have since talked it out.

"Brothers always fight. You know, sometimes it happens. It was the heat of the moment," he said. "Everybody was lit, drinkin' Hennessy ..."

"You live a life," Angie said. "You have a good time."

"You know, I gotta live it to the fullest," French added. "Frank Sinatra style. Do it my way."

Elsewhere  in the interview, French confirmed his next album will arrive on his 35th birthday on Nov. 9. You can check out the full chat above.

In other news, French will be performing at NYC's Webster Hall for a show that's being put on by iHeartRadio LIVE and Verizon.

You can livestream the event starting at 10:00 p.m. ET below via YouTube.