Cardi B isn't one to mince words, especially when she's talking about an institution like the NYPD. The police ran afoul of Bardi by shutting down back-to-school giveaway run by her friend Star and she let the boys in blue have it with both barrels

"My homegirl Star, she was having a school giveaway in Brooklyn and unfortunately it got shut down," in an intro that gave no indication of how heated Cardi was. 

Cardi said that the police called the school principal and essentially rattled him so bad that he called the back-to-school charitable event off.

"Shorty was really coming out her pockets to help the community. It was for kids to have a fun positive day and to benefit the parents with school supplies," she said, before turning her attention to the cops. "Fuck you and motherfucking suck a fart and suffocate on it. Fuck you."

While no presidential candidate has come out on the ACAB platform, Cardi has been throwing her weight behind politicians aiming to fix other problems she sees in her hometown. She recently hosted an interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders, talking to the political veteran and progressive candidate about his plans for universal health care, a higher minimum wage and better jobs for working class Americans. 

In that interview, she asked Sanders about the problem of overpolicing and police brutality, which Sanders said he would work to curb.

“Obviously, we need to end all forms of racism in this country from Donald Trump down the local police department. We have something like one out of four young black men in this country end up in the criminal justice system,” he said. "If a police officer kills somebody, that killing must be investigated by the United States Department of Justice.”