50 Cent has been heavily promoting his Tycoon pool party for months. So when it finally came to New York City last weekend, celebrities and fans came out in droves to party with Fif. One person of note found out she wasn't on the guest list.

On Sunday, alleged footage of Wendy Williams being denied entry into 50's party began to surface. The rapper then confirmed these rumors when he posted the video on his Instagram account. 

"[Y]ou can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me," 50 captioned the clip. "B***H wait out side."

Wendy Williams is on 50 Cent's long list of enemies. While Williams has questioned 50's sexuality, Fif has shamed her for her substance abuse. As a result, many fans were wondering why Williams would want to get into 50's pool party. According to TMZ, she was there because she was celebrating her son's 19th birthday and he wanted to get a picture with Snoop Dogg.

When Williams arrived at the party, police and security escorted her and her son to Snoop, who took photos with the family. Per the source, Williams did not find out until after she left that 50 had banned her from the party.